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Book Two: Arel's Blood
By S. S. Bazinet
ISBN: 978-1-937279-11-0

The Vampire Reclamation Project - Arel's Blood

Category: Fiction; Paranormal; Fantasy
Format: Electronic Book
EBook ON:  Amazon



Book Two: Arel's Blood

DESCRIPTION: In book two of The Vampire Reclamation Project series, Arel continues his quest to find true fulfillment and the power to go beyond anything he dreamed possible. His hopes of succeeding are suddenly dashed when William, the vampire who cursed Arel, seeks him out. Their ill fated reunion challenges Arel to find his true strength if he is to succeed in overcoming the darkness they once shared. Can he defeat a brother turned enemy? Will he be able to use Michael's gift to triumph or will he use it's power in a way that will ultimately damn him once again?

Available as an EBook on:  Amazon
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