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Book Four: Brother's Blood
By S. S. Bazinet
ISBN: 978-1-937279-06-6

The Vampire Reclamation Project - Brother's Blood

Category: Fiction; Paranormal; Fantasy
Format: Electronic Book
EBook ON:  Amazon  




Book Four: Brother's Blood

In the fourth book of THE VAMPIRE RECLAMATION PROJECT series, Arel faces his worst crisis. After some near-fatal blunders, he fears that his incredible powers exceed his ability to handle them responsibly. Trying to avoid any further damaging situations, he contemplates using death as an escape route. His death wish is quickly overruled when one mistake comes back to haunt him. He’s passed on Michael’s angelic blood to a vampire named Rolphe. At the time, he believed the blood would destroy Rolphe’s vampire powers. Instead, Arel realizes that he’s unleashed a much more lethal monster on the world, one who has no intentions of letting go of his vile nature.

As Rolphe’s blood lust escalates, he’s determined to kill William, Arel’s closest ally and a person Arel considers his brother. The threat leaves Arel with only choice. He has to wage an all-out war on the depraved vampire.

As the story unfolds, Arel questions not only his own flawed nature, but humanity’s place in creation. In a strange twist of fate, he feels compelled to engage in an epic battle in an alternate world, one that pits good against evil.
Available as an EBook on:  Amazon!

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