Worst or Best Friend?

Are you your own best friend?

Are you being your own worst or best friend?

If you fell down a well, which of the two statements would you like to hear from a helper?

a. Sorry, the well’s too deep. You probably won’t make it out. Besides, we don’t know if you’re worth the trouble.

b. Hang in there! We’re finding a way to get you out. We really care about you. We’re going to stay with you while we’re finding a solution.

Falling down a well is an extreme situation, but what about when you wake up and don’t want to face the day. Aren’t you kind of stuck in a dark place too (for whatever the reason)? You might even feel that you’re on the hamster-wheel-of-life and things aren’t going to change. Being in a gloomy mindset or attitude might feel normal.

Definition of attitude from Google:
“a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”

Can you be your own best friend when you’re feeling unhappy about your coming day or about life in general? Maybe or maybe not. We have a choice to make every morning and each moment. How are we going to talk to ourselves? How are we going to think about ourselves? Whether we choose option “a” or “b” is up to us.

Common attributes of a best friend:
respect, support, non-judgment, and being there when needed.

If you choose option “b” and want to be a best friend to yourself, you can use encouraging thoughts or give the person in the mirror a little smile. Even two minutes of change in the way you talk to yourself each day can help. Action is great too. Be gentle when you brush your teeth or comb your hair. When you feel critical or disapproving of yourself, stop and breathe. Remember, each moment is an opportunity to be your own best friend.

“Nothing causes more emotional distress than the thoughts we think.” —Eric R. Maisel Ph.D., PsychologyToday.com

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