Are you talking yourself into getting old?

Are you talking yourself into GETTING OLD? Are you talking yourself into GROWING OLD?

How many of us have heard the statement, “I’m getting old”? Have you ever wondered how that thought, “I’m getting old” affects your life? In many cases, it causes stress and/or anxiety. If we continue to stress ourselves, it can result in mental and physical health problems that make us feel old.

When we feel old, we often change our activities! We often slow down. But that very idea has consequences. NASA takes the maxim, “use it or lose it,” seriously and says, “If astronauts don’t exercise, their bodies start losing bone and muscle. Bone and muscle loss mean decreased size and strength, and can reduce an astronaut’s ability to do work because it makes them weak.”

We might not live in space, but the same science applies to us. If we stop using our bodies (including our brains), they atrophy!

Bottom line, let’s stop the negative self-talk. Instead of saying, “I’m getting old,” let’s say something empowering. “Today is a new day! I have another opportunity to live life in a way that brings me more happiness!”


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