Are you having fun being you?

I discovered the fun of being me in an unexpected way. I was a frustrated writer. I wanted to write the perfect story. It didn’t happen, but I kept trying! I was a little like Billy Crystal’s character in Throw Momma from the Train. Lots of paper ended up in the waste basket. Then, about twenty years into writer’s block, I had a brilliant idea. Just have some fun! Writing is my passion, so I decided to write anything that didn’t put pressure on my writer’s mind.

As soon as I gave myself permission to just have fun, the dam broke and the stories flowed out. Looking back, I think I took a chance on the real me, the person who didn’t get stuck in rules and expectations about how life and writing should be. I discovered the “me” that was fun!

As babies, we naturally like ourselves. We suck our thumbs and toes! We insist on our needs being met. We smile and giggle and amuse ourselves. But as we spend time with others, we learn how to feel differently about ourselves. We are taught to feel differently about the “I like me” baby that we once were. By the time we’re adults, I think we forget that there is still a fun person inside.

That original “us” may be hidden under a bit of “learned behavior,” but you can’t lose yourself completely. Yes, you can “feel” lost or have writer’s block for twenty years, but the true you can’t disappear. It’s just waiting to be allowed to surface. Fun, laughter and even giving yourself a hug are great at reestablishing a connection with your authentic, happy self.

So when you’re searching for someone or something to make you happy, remember that person in the mirror. You can make each day, or even a moment, a treasure hunt, looking for ways to make yourself smile again in your own unique way.

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