Are you having fun being you?

Are you having fun being you?We spend all our lives with one person! We wake up to that person. We go to sleep with that person. We see that person in the mirror every day! So, here’s the big question. Is it fun being with that person? Is it fun spending time with yourself?

As babies, we naturally like ourselves. We suck our thumbs and toes! We insist on our needs being met. We smile and giggle and amuse ourselves. But . . . as we spend time with others, we learn how to feel differently about ourselves. We are taught to feel differently about the “I like me” baby that we once were.

Fortunately, that original “us” is still there. It may be hidden under a bit of “learned behavior,” but you can’t lose yourself completely. Yes, you can “feel” lost, but the true you doesn’t disappear. And it can be coaxed out of its hiding place by gentle hands, your own hands. Have you ever given yourself a comforting hug? Studies show that it’s beneficial.

When you’re searching for someone or something to make you happy, remember that person in the mirror. You can make each day, or even a moment, a treasure hunt, looking for ways to make yourself smile again in your own unique way.

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