Are You a Master?

Are you a master?

Are You a Master?

We’ve all heard about masters, people who excel at what they do. But can you be included in the list? Maybe so!

Babies pick up the skill of becoming masters very quickly. Their minds are geared to take in whatever they perceive and use it to become “something.” So in a way, every one of us has become a “master of something.”

Here’s a short list of masters that we don’t usually associate with the term.

Masters of abundance
Master losers
Masters of positive thoughts
Masters of denial
Masters of worthiness
Master victims
Masters of making lemonade when truck loads of lemons arrive

Definition of master from Google:
master (used as a noun) – a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.

Here’s the big question! Can you become a master of some new skill by the time you finish reading this article? Can you become a Master of the Moment?

Becoming a Master of the Moment

What if you’re feeling bored or depressed? Can you shift to being a Master of Happiness? Maybe or maybe not. A practiced Master of Depression or a Master of Boredom is good at what they do. Yet, anyone, even a Master of Cynicism, who sees the ocean for the first time, will usually become a “Master of Awe” for at least a few seconds before his usual “mastered skills” take over. So maybe that’s the key to a new kind of mastery. We can become Masters of the Moment.

“Remember, every moment is an opportunity for change!”

But how do you become a Master of the Moment? Here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Become aware. Stop and check out what kind of master you’re being right now. Are you a Master of Joy and Wellbeing? That’s perfect! You can skip the rest of this article. But what if you’re a Master of Stress and Anxiety? . . . Grumpiness? . . . Resignation? . . . Weariness? If you’re a rather negative master at times, its okay. You’re not alone. We’re all very good masters when it comes to negative states. But you can do something to change where you’re at.

2. Take a breath! Take two breaths! Straighten your shoulders a bit. And most importantly, give yourself a BIG BREAK. You’re doing your best. And now you have the opportunity to become a Master of Self-Appreciation! Think about how awesome you are, how you carry on in life even when you’re overwhelmed or worried. Even if the feeling of self-appreciation only lasts a moment, you can be proud of that moment. You made it a feel-good experience.

3. Practice steps one and two whenever you can.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes you a “Master of Many Moments.” When those many, masterful moments are strung together, you create an award-winning film called, “My Masterful Life.”

“Remember, wellbeing is a verb. It is not something that happens to you.
It happens because of what you do.”
Samantha Boardman M.D.,

Resources and Notes:
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Dr. Bruce Lipton says:
“The child observes and gauges the world through the parents’ responses, and uses them as a reference point. If the parents are living in fear or concern or anxiety, the child is learning exactly what the parents’ fears and anxieties are, and this becomes the behavioral program in that child’s subconscious mind. The child is learning his fundamental habits, not from his own personal experience, but from observing and downloading the habits and experiences that the parents are presenting to him.”
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“Fractal Mosaic” by Piotr Siedlecki

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