Emily Mah Tippetts Interview

Castles on the Sand
Emily Mah Tippetts
Writes as: E. M. Tippetts and Emily Mah
Website: www.emtippetts.com
Author’s page on Amazon

What motivates you to write?

I’m one of those people with the compulsion; I have to do it or I start to lose it a little. Some people think that’s romantic and the mark of a true artist. Really, it’s just the mark of an obsessive disorder.

What’s most rewarding about writing?

Reader emails and reviews, positive or otherwise. The positive ones are the most fun, but negative ones show that I evoked an emotional reaction, at least. It means the world to me that my books get read by people I would otherwise never meet.

What kind of book would you like to be known for?

A reliably sound one. The writers I like don’t necessarily change my life in a profound way when I read their books, but are writers whose name lets me know the book will always be worth reading.

If you were to write in another genre, what genre excites your writer’s blood?

I do write in another genre. Under the name Emily Mah, I’m a science fiction and fantasy author, and that’s where I got my start, so a little piece of my soul will always belong to it.

If you achieved great fame and fortune, would you continue to write?

Absolutely. If my goal was fame and fortune, there are *much* easier ways to get there than as a writer!

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