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Annie Stillwater Gray is not only a writer; she is also a mystic, an astrologer, an audio and visual artist, a public speaker, a singer-songwriter, and a media veteran. She has been on the air every year since 1974 and has her own syndicated radio program, The General Store Variety Show, now in it’s 15th year.

Author of Education of a Guardian Angel
Author’s Website: Spirit
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Facebook Page: Education of a Guardian Angel

What motivates you to write and how did you get started?

Spirit asked me to write. A Master Guide asked me to telepathically transcribe The Dawn Book. Then my Life Guide, Darcimon Stillwater, told me to write the book about him, Education of a Guardian Angel. He told me it would sell The Dawn Book, and it did. The Dawn Book: Information from The Master Guides will be published by Ozark Mountain in 2015.

What’s most rewarding about writing?

Providing stories and information from Spirit.

How would you like your writing to influence people?

Showing new ways of regarding life on Earth, what lies beyond this life, and what’s possible, especially once you connect with your Life Guide

Do you have a particular process when you’re writing?

I write both fiction and non-fiction. When I’m telepathically transcribing (non-fiction), I center, sometimes meditate,and connect with Spirit. Fiction, I write when a story inspires me.

What encouraging advice can you offer new writers?

Persevere. Find the right publisher, one who sees your worth.

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  • February 8, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    This is the most informative Book that I have read. It is true, you can learn how to communicate with your “Spirit Guides”, also your “Angels”. In January 2005, my Spirit Guides worked with me on developing my clairaudent ability. It is 2-8-18. They talk to me every day since then. It did take awhile to perfect It, but worth it. My life has changed so much because of them.


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