He’s Not That Kind of Vampire

My main vampire character, Arel, in my book series, The Vampire Reclamation Project, isn’t your regular vampire. He doesn’t have many of the usual vampire traits. Let’s start with the most obvious vampire trait, the part where a vampire sucks a person’s blood. Arel? Bite someone? I don’t think so. He’s scared to death of people. He’s hidden from them for a century. Bite someone? What are you thinking? Oh, wait a minute, he does bite someone, in the first chapter. But his blood donor, Michael, isn’t technically a person. He’s an incarnate angel who volunteers his blood to help Arel escape his curse. So there, that makes it different from your normal vampire, right?

He's not this kind of vampire! There are other things that set Arel apart. He isn’t dead. In fact, his heart, a bruised and misused vessel, is acutely sensitive, much more prone to pain than that of a normal human heart. Fangs? Nope! Reflection in the mirror? Yes indeed, and he’d be quite a catch if there was much of him to catch. After years of solitude and a bare minimum of interest in keeping his body alive, he’s very slight of build. He does have a shadow, a very thin shadow. I’ll admit, like most vampires, he is pale. But he’s from England, and he stays indoors. Still, he could fit into the dark and handsome category under the right conditions. He has his Irish grandmother’s almost black, curly hair and adorable dimples. You’d be able to see those dimples if he’d put on some weight on his bony frame.

Creature of the night? Please, it’s true that he can’t go out in the sun, but as for sleeping during the day, forget it. He’s got insomnia. He gets a few winks in here and there, in his king size bed, not a coffin.

So Arel is not a ruthless Bram Stoker’s Dracula type of vampire. Rather, he’s an extraordinary, courageous, new kind of vampire forging an often dangerous and terrifying path towards reclamation. He wants his life back. He wants to live without knowing there’s a curse inside of him. He wants to expand his dinner menu. “I’ll take two ounces of rat blood, please. And make sure the rat is freshly killed.”

Michael gives him that opportunity via angelic blood. Now, when we talk about angel blood, that’s another story. It sounds like a good idea, but is it really? After reading The Vampire Reclamation Project, you might have more than a few concerns about having a sip of it yourself if you ever get the invitation.

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